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In the United States, a dog bite occurs approximately every 75 seconds, resulting in nearly 1,000 individuals requiring emergency medical care for their injuries each day. The Law Office of Steven J. Horn has pursued damages for our clients from dog bites from dog owners, property owners, and home owners.   We have been representing clients since 1982, we can help you or your loved one understand who is liable for the dog bite, and how to proceed with a personal injury case.

Dog Bite Scenarios

With approximately 4.5 million dog bites occurring in the United States each year, the frequency of their related injuries is alarming. The negligence involved in dog bite scenarios is where your case becomes one worth pursuing financial recovery.

Dog bites or attacks can occur during unforeseen circumstances, and can include:

  • Unleashed or unsupervised dogs in public
  • Broken doors, gates or fences that do not close properly
  • Doors and gates negligently left open with a dog on the premises
  • Failure to safely contain a dog in a private residence with guests in attendance
  • Failure to warn others of potential dangers associated with the dog
  • Owner provocation, initiating a bite or attack

It is important to understand California’s strict liability dog bite statute, and how it applies to your case directly.  We at the Law Offices of Steven J.Horn will provide you with an understanding of your case, it’s complexities, and what to expect from us as your attorney and the person responsible for causing the dog bite.

Dog Bite Injuries & Associated Expenses

Dog bites can be very serious, as is reflected in the over one billion dollars in monetary losses victims suffer annually. Based on the size, stature and power of the canine involved in the attack, injuries can vary in each case, but can include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Infection
  • Torn skin, muscles or ligaments
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement

In the past year, over 28,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery due to dog bite injuries.  We are focused on aggressive and diligent representation of you.  We know that the costs associated with such a traumatic event are significant.  Such expenses might include:

  • Emergency room costs
  • Hospital stays
  • Ongoing medical expenses
  • Prescriptions and medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Long-term treatments
  • Permanent injuries, including scarring and disfigurement

If you sustain a dog bite injury, be sure to get medical help right away. The extent of your injuries may not be immediately known, and the repercussions can be very serious if a medical professional is not consulted right away. The expenses associated with dog bites or attacks can escalate quickly, leaving you in a difficult financial position.  We can help you pursue the responsible party while allowing you to recover physically and emotionally.

Who’s Responsible for a Dog Bite Injury?

The California dog bite statute states that the victim can recover damages without proving any fault of the owner. The statute applies to dogs who bite an individual in public places, and in private homes or on private property, with the noted assumption that the victim was not trespassing at the time of the dog bite. The owner must prove that the victim assumed the risk of being bit.

Dog bites, and other dog-related injuries accounted for more than a third of homeowner’s insurance liability claims in 2016, totaling over $600 million.

Pursuing the Responsible Party

At the Law Office of Steven J. Horn, we focus on our client’s specific legal needs. We understand that the expenses associated with receiving medical care, missing work, and lost wages, differs greatly from another person’s obligations and commitments.

Our personalized approach to financial recovery allows us to provide exceptional legal representation while delivering a prompt resolution to your dog bite claim.

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