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American Canyon Lawsuit Alleges Construction Defects

Posted on October 14th, 2011

A group of homeowners has filed a construction defect lawsuit in Napa County Superior Court alleging defective design, construction, and poor workmanship. The homeowners own more than 460 homes that were built by Shea Homes Ltd. There are currently about two dozen homeowners who are part of the lawsuit. However, attorneys who represent the owners expect more owners to join the lawsuit.

According to some of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, they have noticed signs of poor and defective construction in the homes that they purchased from Shea Homes. Some plaintiffs have noticed cracks in the ceiling and on the stucco walls. In some cases, the front door, gate and sliding doors have shifted position. Other homeowners have been forced to replace the windows of the house, and suffered through window leakages and mold growth. The homes are located in one of American Canyon’s newer neighborhoods.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount for compensatory damages and attorney fees. This is the first time that Shea Homes has been the target of a construction defect lawsuit. Back in 2007, dozens of other homeowners at LaVigne sued Shea Homes. That particular lawsuit remains in litigation.

When you pay money for a home, you don’t expect to find defective construction and design. Unfortunately, for many California homeowners, their new dream house may be the stuff of nightmares. Construction defects can be seen in the growth of mold inside the home, cracks in the walls and ceiling, broken window titles, windows leaks, water intrusion, improper drainage and several other signs of construction defects.

If you have purchased a home and have noticed construction defects, you may have legal remedies. A California construction defect attorney can help you obtain compensation for the reasonable cost of repairing the defect, relocation expenses and storage expenses during the period of repair, expenses involved in hiring experts to investigate the defects, the cost of repairing other property damage caused by the defects and other costs.