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Auto Accidents Attorneys in Encino, Los Angeles, CA

The motor vehicle is a serious and complicated event.  The many issues which follow are confusing, upsetting and unclear.  The financial aftermath can be significant.  Our car accident attorneys Los Angeles & Encino at the Law Offices of Steven J. Horn, work diligently to provide our clients with dedicated legal representation.  We find solutions for our clients by providing aggressive representation.

Our Los Angeles & Encino auto accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven J. Horn in Encino, Los Angeles have represented clients in most personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, and pedestrian accidents.  We ensure that our clients’ are rights are protected.

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Car Accidents & Disrupted Lives in Encino, Los Angeles

We understand that nothing can prepare you for a car accident. The property damage, personal injury, and the ensuing recovery complications can be overwhelming.  Our Los Angeles & Encino car accident attorneys have been representing clients since 1982.

We are experienced in helping our clients after they are injured in obtaining fair and reasonable compensation.  A few easy steps to follow immediately after you are involved in a motor vehicle accident will help us handle your Los Angeles &Encino car accident claim.

After a car accident has occurred, remember to do the following:

  • Move the vehicles involved in a safe area on the side of the road, if possible
  • Exchange information thoroughly, including
  • Confirm a police presence and that an official report is taken
  • Record witness names and contact information
  • Safely take pictures of both vehicles’ damage/debris, skid marks, and area signage
  • Seek medical care, even if you are not sure of your injury status

We are concerned for our client’s personal safety and well-being, and among the most crucial factors in navigating through the aftermath of a car accident is for our clients to understand that there is a process to follow. Our Los Angeles & Encino auto accident lawyers undertake that process for our clients with dedication.

How to Recover from a Car Accident in Encino, Los Angeles

Recovering from a car accident without a Los Angeles & Encino car accident attorney is a manageable process, but not without hurdles and obstacles.  We focus on advocating for our clients against the insurance company’s terse responses and predatorial approach to covering their client’s involvement while downplaying or discrediting the needs of the injured persons.

The insurance companies want to save their money at an injured person’s expense, and our Los Angeles & Encino auto accident lawyer fight to recover what our clients desire, which can include recovery for:

  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Long and short-term medical care
  • Miscellaneous bills resulting from injuries/damages

Who Is Responsible for Financial Recovery?

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating.  We at the Law Offices of Steven J. Horn in Encino, Los Angeles understand that being without a vehicle, enduring repeat doctor visits and missing work can cause severe anxiety when the injured party is unsure how they are going to recover.

Our Encino & Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand that just because you were injured in an auto accident does not mean you still do not have bills to pay, a job to hold, and a lifestyle to maintain.

The Importance of Record Keeping

It is important to remember that our clients are involved in the process to recover damages for property damages and personal injuries. Our Encino car accident work with our clients to gather the facts, so it is important for our clients to understand that our information might come from a variety of sources which include:

  • Police report
  • Witness statements
  • Communication with/from the negligent driver
  • Images from the accident scene
  • Medical records
  • Prescriptions
  • Work hiatus demanded by a physician
  • All healthcare practitioner communication, including notes or instructions
  • Do Not Talk to an Insurance Company Alone

One of the most important to remember after you are injured is not to give any statement to any insurance company without us to monitor and supervise what is said.  We know that what is initially said after an accident can impact the outcome.

Our car accident attorney Los Angeles & Encino will promptly represent you and guide you through the maze involved post-accident in order to protect your interests before the insurance companies have time to surprise you with misleading questions that could lead to confusing statements that can be used against you.

Insurance companies prey on vulnerable accident victims, hoping to catch them in an exposed state where they answer questions that are too early to decide, or worse, convincing the injured party to settle before they know the extent of their injury or overall position. When this happens, victims of car accidents are left holding the responsibility for costs they may not know are coming, including medical bills and lost wages.

Our Los Angeles & Encino auto accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven J.Horn in Encino, Los Angeles focus on our clients’ cases from the very beginning.  We will communicate with the insurance companies, negligent person, adverse attorney, or anyone else who might attempt to limit or reduce your recovery for your damages.

Our California Law Firm Practice Areas Include:

Why Choose the Law Offices of Steven J. Horn in Encino, Los Angeles?

Since 1982, we have successfully accident victims.  Our accomplished Los Angeles & Encino car accident lawyers understand that an auto accident can have devastating ramifications. Our clients and their livelihoods are too important to suffer from the negligence of another.

We will work aggressively and diligently to provide representation that will achieve a prompt and satisfactory resolution of your matter while ensuring that the path to success coupled with your understanding from start to finish.

Call Our Auto Accident Lawyer in Encino, Los Angeles Today to Discuss Your Car Accident Claim

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident contact our accomplished Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles & Encino, Steven Horn, today at (818) 385-1050 or log onto our website at for more information on holding the negligent driver responsible for your injuries.  We have been representing clients since 1982.  We can help you too.  Call us now to find out how.