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Lawsuit against University Of California and Others Alleges Online Libraries Violate Copyrights

Authors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against four universities, including the University of California, alleging that that these universities are infringing on copyrights by developing digital libraries of scanned books. The lawsuit is filed by the Authors Guild, the Union es Ecrivaines et des […]

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American Canyon Lawsuit Alleges Construction Defects

A group of homeowners has filed a construction defect lawsuit in Napa County Superior Court alleging defective design, construction, and poor workmanship. The homeowners own more than 460 homes that were built by Shea Homes Ltd. There are currently about two dozen homeowners who are part of the lawsuit. However, attorneys who represent the owners […]

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New York Tenants Sue Landlord over Bat Invasion

Two New York tenants are suing their landlord for $1 million after their home was invaded by bats. According to the tenants, they moved into their new apartment on July 25, but had to vacate in a hurry after a couple of bats invaded the premises. The first encounter occurred on July 31 when one […]

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AIG Files Mortgage Securities Fraud Lawsuit against The Bank of America

American International Group has filed a lawsuit against Bank of America, claiming that the bank sold billions of dollars in fraudulent mortgage-backed securities. The lawsuit has been filed in the New York Supreme Court and comes after an investigation into the manner in which several large banks sold mortgage loans. The AIG lawsuit claims more […]

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Lawsuit Accuses Wyeth of Monopoly through Illegal Patents in CA

A New York-based retail pharmacy has filed a federal lawsuit that alleges pharmaceutical company Wyeth profited immensely by misrepresenting clinical data to retain a monopoly over a highly popular drug used to treat psychiatric conditions. The lawsuit has been filed by Uniondale Chemists Inc. in the U.S. District Court in Mississippi. The lawsuit claims that […]

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Tom Hanks Loses Construction Defect Dispute with Contractor in CA

Actor Tom Hanks has lost his dispute based on construction defects in a house that he had purchased. An arbitration panel has turned down a bid by Hanks and his wife for financial compensation. According to Hanks, he and his wife had purchased a $10 million home in Sun Valley, Idaho. Soon after, they found […]

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Unreliable Building Inspectors Present Construction Safety Risk in California

This month, California Watch focused on a serious construction defect and safety problem in California that has long gone under the radar. Unaware of the risks, school districts have hired unreliable building inspectors to supervise massive reconstruction and renovation work. These inspectors have overlooked construction defects, and in the absence of any strong laws that […]

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Resolution of Shareholder Disputes in California

The role of a shareholder dispute lawyer in California may not just be to resolve business disputes among shareholders, but also to ultimately save your business. When shareholder disputes get out of control and cannot be resolved, it may be essential to liquidate the business. This makes the role of a shareholder dispute lawyer extremely […]

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Mattel-MGA Copyright Infringement Lawsuit is No Child’s Play

A Los Angeles judge has thrown out a business litigation lawsuit filed by toymaker Mattel Inc. against rival MGA. It is the latest development in a complicated business dispute between the two toymakers that California business litigation lawyers have been closely following. At the heart of all the litigation is MGA’s popular Bratz doll. The […]

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