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Mr. Horn has been my attorney for approximately 10 years

Mr. Horn has been my attorney for approximately 10 years. He has represented me in civil litigation matters involving realestate and contract disputes. I had two cases go to court and he won both trials. He was well prepared, and his courtroom demeanor and knowledge of the facts of my case and the law were impressive. He is currently representing me in a contract dispute, and I am confident he will protect my interests. If you need an attorney to care about you, then you should hire Mr. Horn.

His representation has been exemplary

I hired Mr. Horn after I observed in him court at trial in a case in which I was called as a witness to testify in dispute involving a father and son. The case had difficult issues and father and son were very hostile toward each other. That dispute was nasty. Mr. Horn was professional and well prepared. After Mr. Horn won that case for his client, the father, I hired him to represent me in a case in which I was the trustee in a trust contest filed by a beneficiary. After he won that case for me, I again hired Mr. Horn in another action in which I was again involved as a trustee. His representation has been exemplary. He knows the law! If you have a litigation matter in the areas of Mr. Horn’s practice, then I highly recommend that you hire him as your attorney.

I highly recommend him as an attorney

Mr.Horn represented me in a very difficult and contentious civil litigation matter involving a contract dispute. He was persistent, and his knowledge and experience served me well. He made efforts to settle the case, but my opponent refused, so we went to trial and Mr. Horn won my case. I highly recommend him as an attorney.

I recommend that you retain Mr. Horn

I am an attorney and I asked Mr. Horn to join me in a civil litigation matter involving one of my firm’s clients who was involved in a landlord-tenancy dispute. Mr. Horn’s tenacity and years of civil litigation experience involving real estate matters served our mutual client well. I was glad I made the decision to have Mr. Horn join with me in representing our client. I recommend that you retain Mr. Horn as an attorney in the areas of his practice, which include personal injury, business and commercial disputes and real estate matters.

For business and Personal matter

My family Business has been using Steve for over 15 years now. For business and personal matters, he really knows what he is doing and he is a good advisor when needed.

Steven J. Horn

The Law Offices of Steven J. Horn has experience in business litigation, real estate matters, recycling laws and personal injury.